12 areas of practice a young Lawyer can engage in at these difficult times to make ends meet in Nigeria

There is no doubt experience is key in the practice of law. It is also true to say that many law firms are saturated and very few are admitting a small number from the huge number of lawyers called to the bar and churned out every year.

With the declining economy, the influx and increase of lawyers in the city and the ratio of client to lawyer perpetually reducing, it is necessary to think outside the box as a young lawyer. In this piece, I will discuss 12 ways you can make yourself useful as a young lawyer to earn a living.

  1. Attaching to A Law firm

It is seriously advised you find a law firm to attach yourself to as an intern to learn the rudiments of the law and also to earn a living. This is the ideal thing to do. However, when this is not available, the points below become desirable.

  1. Freelance litigation lawyer

A lawyer with experience in litigation can a generate and keep a network of lawyers with whom s/he can take out outsourcing of cases especially for very busy lawyers or law firms. This is one good way of sustaining freelance practice and making a living for young lawyers.

  1. Company Secretariat Practice

As a lawyers, you can act as a company secretary to companies. You may not have been approached as a lawyer to carry out this job. One reason is that some clients don’t even know they need your advice after their company is registered. If you happen to be the lawyer engaged in the registration of the company, ensure you keep records of the company, and details of the directors and shareholders. Occasionally do them reminders especially on updates and filing of returns in compliance with the provisions of the Companies and Allied matters Act, 1990. Register at new.cac.gov.ng.

  1. Freelance Corporate Legal Assistant

There is no harm in making yourself useful for yourself while you strive for a better life. At least live, not just exist. Some lawyers especially in the Capital Cities of the Various States and the Federal Capital Territory have carried on practice as Freelance Corporate Assistants. They get Corporate Jobs especially those involving companies due diligence and perfection of companies’ document s and filings. Register at new.cac.gov.ng.

  1. Tax law practice

Tax law is gradually becoming prominent because of the growing awareness to pay tax. Tax administrators are everywhere ensuring that those who are taxable pay their taxes both in the States and in the Federal Government. Calculation of tax rebates and processing same at the various MDAs in charge of tax administration is one very lucrative venture that a lawyer could engage in.

  1. Capital Market Law

Our Capital Market is a big market with various players in the field. Lawyers can also engage in this sector by registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission to be one of their agents http://sec.gov.ng/cmos/. .

  1. Patents, Trademark and Designs practice

Trademark is another area that could generate you some income if you are known to have expertise and could help process such licences at Federal Ministry of Trade Commerce and Industry. Register at www.iponigeria.com.

  1. Real Estate law practice

This is an area of practice that has sustained most lawyers whether in the cities or in the rural area. From Land acquisition, development and letting involve the services of a lawyer. A young lawyer can decide to tow this line of practice and make a good living off it.

  1. Freelance Legislative Draftsman

With the coming of the 4th Republic, Democracy has brought in the institution of the various arms of Government and separation of labour. The Legislature is fast developing making legislators need the services of good draftsmen and persons who understand the procedure at the Assembly. Lawyers who have trained themselves in this area can easily make their services available as legislative consultants for negotiable fees.

  1. Freelance writer

Freelance writing used to be a good paying side job. At these times, it is not out of place for a lawyer with good research skills and writing prowess to identify an organization, magazine or blog to contribute to for a fee.

  1. Criminal law practice

Criminal Law Practice avails the lawyer with a criminal practice experience to put her or his practice to work for the services of accused persons who would need quick services of a lawyer to secure their bail. This practice though despised by many in our society yet highly patronised is practiced everywhere in the world especially in advanced democracies.

  1. Publishing

There is a dearth of information and Nigeria legal contents online. A lawyer could generate a blog like this one to publish information, writing of books, e-books and publishing same online. Revenue from publishing is however very slow and takes time too.

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June 1, 2020

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