About Us

Coursecourt Concept is a firm that engages in the provision of Courses, Training and Conferences for the development of the legal and paralegal sectors, business and technology. We also organize Workshops, Research, Seminars and consulting services.

Our courses are tailor-made and quite practical in their relevance to the various application in daily activities of business.

These courses are designed to help the entrepreneur and or employee of the 21st century with available tools that would enhance career beyond the stereotypes.

CourseCourt Concept besides its rich faculty also engages the services of consultants and partners in preparation and dispensation of its courses.

We also organize Boot Camps for the mentoring of young entrepreneurs. The experiences of our mentoring partners are put to bear in the administration of this Mentorship Programme. Our Boot Camp is a life experience where participants receive mentoring directly from tutors and experts and share professional experiences in any area of practice.

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