COVID-19: Migrating the three Arms of Government to Virtual Mode of Administration

COVID-19: Migrating the three Arms of Government for Virtual Mode of Administration

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice,  Abubakar Malami SAN has proposed the use of social media, teleconferencing for the adjudication of cases for the dispensation of justice. To achieve this, the AG is advocating for the amendment of the necessary laws and court rules to ensure that these changes are implemented.

The last National Executive Council meeting was held via teleconferencing. This is necessary because of the exigencies of the time.

Legislatures over the world are heading the virtual way and Nigerian needs to be part of this migration. Countries like the UK, Argentina, Chile, Tanzanian, Cape Verde, Brazil, Tunisia, and others have started to adopt virtual means of carrying out their functions of Legislation, representation, and oversight.

It is my proposal therefore that both houses of the Nigerian National Assembly and indeed the various states  houses of Assemblies find time sit to amend their rules to make provisions for teleconferencing as a means of observing their proceedings both as at Plenary and at Committee meetings so that this aspect of our government does not suffer.


Arierhie Patrick Okuneh
A Lawyer and Senior Special Assistant on Legislative and Plenary to
The Deputy President of the Senate
National Assembly

April 20, 2020

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