Preparing Lawyers and Paralegal Personnel for COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 Era

­Preparing Lawyers and Paralegal Personnel for COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 Era.

With the recent pronouncement by the AGF, there is no doubt that post COVID-19 administration of justice in Nigeria will come with drastic amendments. This will bring about certain traditional ways of administration of justice and conflict resolution being jettisoned or amended for the new order which is coming on board. Judges, Adjudicators, Arbitrators, and lawyers will be affected so also will the litigants.
Economies all over the world will be affected and those that cannot conform to the new changes will give way. Artificial Intelligence will take front line, Cloud computing, Teleconferencing, and solid knowledge of online based applications will thrive.
Considering that the judiciary adopted a Judicial Information Technology Policy in 2012 to guide the use of ICT by the judiciary which introduced the electronic filing of court processes in the Supreme Court that is now being implemented by various court and States High Courts around the country, the coast is clear for a full implementation of a virtual adjudication of cases with the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Legal, paralegal and other persons engaged in the business of law must now look beyond the status quo and begin to ponder adapting to the use of technology from the very beginning of filing to the delivery of judgement. This change certainly will lead to loss of employment but those that are creative and others that can upgrade themselves and adapt in line with the changes will survive the tide. Therefore, a lawyer must have the following ready to stay afloat or beat the tide.
Trainings and courses on the use of Teleconferencing.
A good knowledge of the computer and internet operation.
A good computer gadget like, a Desktop Computer, laptop, IOS and Androids devices with good memory space and RAM.
Good internet connection, and

Arierhie Patrick Okuneh
SSA on Legislative and Plenary
Office of the Deputy Senate President
National Assembly

April 21, 2020

2 responses on "Preparing Lawyers and Paralegal Personnel for COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 Era"

  1. Uche Chibuogwu esq.April 22, 2020 at 5:45 amReply

    These suggested innovations have started before the COVID-19 Era. But legal practice in post covid-19 will be greatly enhanced by ICT and good knowledge of the computer technology. No doubt many lawyers will embrace this innovation in a new world order for economic empowerment and to remain in practice. I commend your efforts in this regard.

    • Dear Uche Chibuogwu esq.
      Thank you for your comment. We encourage you to visit often and we will also love to publish your stories.

      Best Wishes.
      Coursecourt Concept

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