Free Online Course for Legislative Aides by Arierhie Patrick Okuneh

Not fewer than 147 Legislative Aides participated in a free online Course organized by a private online firm Coursecourt Concept publisher of
The course was one Leveraging Your Legislative Experience for a Post COVID-19 pandemic financial benefits was delivered and moderated by Mr. Arierhie Patrick Okuneh A Legislative Aide with the Deputy President of the Senate.

The course was well attended and participants were happy they attended. The course contents included an examination of the 1999 Constitution as it relates to separation of powers and the legislative powers of three tiers of government. The course contents also included the structure of the National Assembly, its functions of Lawmaking, Representation and Oversight. Others are the lawmaking process, Parliamentary Procedure, uses of Bills, motions and Petitions.

The Course also revealed some entrepreneurial ventures Aides can engage in after their services at the National Assembly like

Legislative representation/Lobby/ Community representation.
Legislative research and development and Advisory.
Legislative publishing
Parliamentary practice
Legislative analyst
Parliamentary Blogger
Legislative Drafting/ Research
Budget preparation/Constituency projects
Constituency Development.

The course which was originally scheduled for 11-13 of May finally ended on the 15th of May, 2020.

May 15, 2020

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