Outcomes! Kunle Edun and Friends: Survival of Young Lawyers Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Kunle Edun and Friends: Survival of Young Lawyers Post COVID-19 Pandemic
There is a saying that “your network is your net-worth”. Today 31/01/2020 participants at our organized webinar networked with one another. With the interruption of our usual daily lives by the COVID-19, lots of losses have been recorded so also has it brought about some gains. Knowledge is flying all around via social media hitherto very expensive to acquire because of time and resources. Today many online meetings and conferences are organized, and knowledge is imparted at very minimal cost; sometimes just for the cost of network data.  It was advised that these opportunities brought about by the advent of COVID-19 be taken, harnessed, and used for personal development.

Our webinar on ‘Kunle and Friends: Survival of Young Lawyers Post COVID-19 Pandemic’ was huge success. The deliberations were rich in contents and desirable for the times that we are in especially for young lawyers who may be at the bottom of the ladder.

Participants were introduced to a Competence Framework (CF); a technical competence for business lawyers developed and recently launched by the NBASBL. The CF provides industry-wide standards by which business lawyers can be accessed and developed. It addresses non-legal as well as core legal skills necessary for practice in five different practice areas of business law. These are, Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property; Real Estate: Corporate, and Banking and Finance. The document is available at https//portal.nbasl.org/login.

The importance of ICT was emphasized and leveraging technology especially at these times where movement is inhibited and our new normal is to stay at home or keep the distance when out of home. Young lawyers were therefore advised to veer into ICT as a tool to enhance their practice while helping others who are without the knowhow. Research was also discussed as one area a young lawyer can make himself useful at these times. Accessing pro-bono websites and offering legal opinions.

The conversation advanced to the next level which ushered in the introduction of Legislative Advocacy and Parliamentary Practice to the participants advising that those roads so far are less travelled by lawyers and still rarely explored.

The webinar did not end without a word of advice for young lawyers to continue to engage and network. Networking as was advised will only bring about engagements which will enhance the lawyers knowledge, practice and increase income.

Arierhie Patrick Okuneh
Coursecourt Concept

June 2, 2020

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