Who should attend the General Conference of the NBA?

Who should attend the General Conference of the NBA?

Conferences are usually avenues for knowledge sharing with refreshing papers delivered with various sessions to deliberate on critical matters of Social Political, and social economic importance. It a meeting point to learn.

Who then should attend the 2018 NBA general Conference? Three category of persons should attend the conference.

The first is that category of persons that want to learn and improve on their career. If you belong to this category of persons whose appetite for learning and development is insatiable, the pack your bags and head out to the conference.

The Second Category is that which wants to network. In my previous post, “3 Realities you should Engage in after the NBA Elections”. I discussed this category that the NBA General Conference is a meeting for networking.

The last category is for those who while Conferencing would like some time to holiday with the family out of home. It is a good time for the family to bond outside home and out of the usual home shores.

April 18, 2019

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