“Life on the Bench: Hon Justice Ibrahim Ndahi Auta”

Tuesday 25th, September, 2018 I attended a book launch by my friend and brother Desmond Yamah LLM on “Life on the Bench: Hon Justice Ibrahim Ndahi Auta”. At the launch two things came to my mind; the author and the subject of the book.
Firstly, my friend Desmond certainly by this book has added more feathers to his cap. You too can write. And as I always propagate, writing is one way you can market yourself especially in the legal profession. In this 21st century where technology can transmit in seconds what you publish to millions of people via social media like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others, why don’t you exploit this opportunity. and use your data wisely?

Secondly, the subject matter of the book; Justice Ibrahim Ndahi Auta (Rtd). The book is a biography of Justice I. N. Auta who is a fine gentleman that grew through the Bench and became the Chief Justice of the Federal High Court. For a young lawyer who wants to grow and grow well, reading such biographies is therefore recommended. In our mentoring Class, we encourage mentees to read biographies and autobiographies especially of people they admire. The book will make you understand that the road could be very rough in life but success is sure if you persist in what you do and believe in.
I therefore recommend you find the book to read if you can not buy one for yourself.

Arierhie Patrick Okuneh
Publisher; CourseCourt

April 18, 2019

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